The Finnish Metalworkers' Union

The Finnish Industrial Union in brief

The Finnish Metalworkers' Union - Metalli was founded in 1899 and is the largest union of industrial workers in Finland.

The Metalworkers' Union organises about 90 % of the blue collar workers working in the metal industry. The total union membership is 139 479 (31.12.2016) , of which 20 % are women.

All workers in a metal plant can belong to the Metalworkers' Union, including carpenters, painters and cleaners etc. The rules allow union membership also to white-collar workers unless they are in a supervisory position.

The Finnish Metalworkers' Union negotiates collective agreements for ten separate sectors: technology industry (e.g. engineering, shipbuilding, iron and steel industry, electronic industry, car manufacturing), car repair workshops, clerical employees of car retail, telecommunication industry, mining, electricity and power plants, precious metals sector, sheet metal industry, repair works for mechanical forest industry, civilian workers in the Ministry of Defence repair shops.

The Metalworkers’ Union is now the Finnish Industrial Union

On May 17-18, the Extraordinary Congress of the Metalworkers' Union decided to change the name of the union and adopt the new statutes for the union. The name is now Teollisuusliitto, in English, the Finnish Industrial Union. The proposal was adopted unanimously.

The Extraordinary Congress adopted also the model statutes for the local union branches and the procedures for voting and eligibility in the elections of the new union. These decisions have no impact on the union branches of the Metalworkers’ Union or existing membership. The trade union branches will automatically become affiliated to the Finnish Industrial Union and branch members will become members of the new union.

Both the Industrial Union Team and the Woodworkers’ Union were involved in the merger project together with the Metalworkers’ Union. The National Councils of these unions decided at the same time to terminate the activities of their unions and recommend that their branches apply for membership of the Finnish Industrial Union. The union branches will become members of the Finnish Industrial Union by the beginning of November. The first Congress of the new union will be organised in November 28-30, 2017.

The Extraordinary Congress decided also on the persons to be elected to the administrative bodies of the Finnish Industrial Union. The members term is temporary, and at the end of November, during the Congress of the new union, new members will be elected to administrative bodies of the union, and the Industrial Union TEAM and the Woodworkers’ Union will be represented in it, too.

Membership fee

The membership fees for the The Finnish Industrial Union and the Metalworkers' Unemployment Fund are in the year 2017 in total for both 1,74 per cent.

The National Council confirmed the union share of the fee to be 0,905 per cent, the local branch share 0,195 per cent of the taxable wage income and according to the Financial Supervisory Authority decision the  Unemployment Fund share of the fee is 0,64 per cent.

History in the making

The 22nd Congress of the Metalworkers’ Union in May 2016 made a historic decision when delegates voted, with a clear majority, in favour of continued negotiations on union co-operation. Metalworkers, the industrial union Team, Woodworkers and Paperworkers plan to merge into the largest trade union in Finland at the end of 2017.

– The merger of the industrial unions is a historic event. I, for my part, promise to do all in my might to keep the project on the planned schedule, stated Riku Aalto, for the third time elected President of the union in his closing speech in Tampere.

The Congress elected Turja Lehtonen to Union Secretary. In his own speech Lehtonen reminded that the election campaign is now over.

– I hope that tomorrow when we leave this venue we leave it as one unified advocacy team.

The Congress approved the most important priorities for forthcoming union activities. In addition to the continuous promotion of the union merger, the scope for action of shop stewards will be improved both through agreements and through legislation. The Congress decided to take shortening of working hours as a long-term objective.

Organizing and strengthening the organisational status of the local branches will still be in the focus of the union. Membership services and union training will be further improved. The union wants to work towards banning zero-hours contracts. The union will also strive for the right for trade unions to bring suit.

The 22nd Congress of the Metalworkers’ Union

The 22nd Congress of the Metalworkers’ Union convenes in Tampere Hall 22. - 25.5.2016.

The Congress is the highest decision making organ of the union. It convenes every 4th year and makes decisions on the political and bargaining policy guidelines for the next congress period, elects the President and the Union Secretary, the Executive Committee and the National Council.

422 delegates were elected in the Congress election.

SAK opened free employee rights advisory service for immigrants

The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) opened a free advisory service for immigrant employees in Finland.

By providing an employment advisory service free of charge, SAK is seeking to help foreigners and immigrant employees enter the world of work and integrate into society in Finland.

Besides providing legal advice to individuals, the service lawyer will advise immigrant organisations on work-related issues and train trade unions and shop stewards in immigration questions.

The employee rights advisory service for immigrants will be open between Monday and Thursday from 09.00 to 11.00 and from 12.00 to 15.00. Telephone 0800 414 004 or e-mail

Information on working life in Finland is also available on the SAK website:

Update your membership information

If you doubt that your membership information is not up to date, please correct your address information. This is made easy through the union website You can also check up your data in your local branch, the regional office or the members’ service number 020 77 41180.

The Collective Agreement

Collective agreement in the Technology Industries 2016-2017 PDF

In addition to the Collective Agreement with the Technology Industries the Metalworkers' Union has closed agreements with similar contents for its other sectors: precious metals, metal sheet and industrial insulation, Defence Ministry, mechanic forest industry and technical service and maintenance.